We assist SMEs in sourcing web solutions to grow their business.

ELF Vision

Defeat the Giant

We always love stories of underdogs defeating giant.

In the business world, we believe SMEs have the potential to challenge and disrupt the old ways that big corporations operate but often lack the right tools and solutions.

That’s why we challenge ourselves to find the right tools and solutions to help SMEs thrive.

Underdogs defeating giant

Help SMEs to challenge big corporations

ELF WordPress

Provide Cost effective Web Solutions for SMEs

By harnessing the power of WordPress, we deliver personalized web designs with enterprise-level user experience and functionality at a price SMEs can afford.

Benefits of WordPress

Personalise Web Design

Enhance User Experience

Enterprise-level Functionality


Value-Added Expertise

Lightweight Development

At ELF WordPress, we insist on lightweight development.

In today’s fast-paced environment, no one likes a slow website.

By reducing unnecessary code and leveraging fast hosting, our web loading speed is unmatched compared to our competitors.

Insist of Lightweight Development

Leveraging Fast Hosting

Our Solutions

About ELF WordPress

For over a decade, ELF WordPress has been helping multiple online marketing agencies build websites for their clients. Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to a client-first approach, focusing on creating impactful websites by providing enterprise-level of user experience and functionality while prioritizing cost savings.